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Sally Smart and her Breast Friends


This is a remarkable achievement. Many thanks to you all.
Rest assured, this fantastic amount will benefit those receiving treatment at the Centre. Follow Sally’s story under Latest News.

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Sally Smart Calender 2024

  • Calendr 2024

We are hugely grateful to Sally Smart and all her Breast Friends for their ongoing support. They are an incredible team, and together, they have already raised an amazing amount for the North Wales Cancer Appeal and continue to do so with this exciting calendar for 2024. Is hot off the press and the proceeds from the sales will continue to help and support others. They are available from the outlets listed below, or, can be posted in the UK for £2:60. Please contact or via facebook – Breast Friends Calendar 2024.

Siop y Pentre, Llanrhaeadr, Denbigh
Llanbenwch, Ruthin
Reebee’s Florist, Denbigh
Morgan’s Hair & Wigs, Prestatyn
Radiotherapy Reception, Cancer Unit, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd

It's wonderful to see Sally and her friends making a positive impact by promoting breast awareness through their calendar sales. Their sales table has popped up in many local venues. The support from the community has been fantastic. A huge thank you to you all.

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FANTASTIC. Selling over 1500 calendars is a significant achievement. Sally and her Breast Friends have popped up with their sales table at many local venues. They are doing a great job raising awareness for breast health. It's wonderful to see community support making a such positive impact. A BIG thank you to Sally, her Breast Friends and all those who have supported her

Sally’s story was splashed all over BBC Wales yesterday 22/01/23. They have so far raised £20,000 for the North Wales Cancer Appeal, which supports the Cancer Centre at Glan Clwyd. The sales of her calendar have reached new highs since the BBC coverage. We are truly grateful to them all.

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The Kilimanjaro challenge for Carole Roxburgh and Sukhdev Hanzra.

  • Carole Roxburgh and Sukhdev Hansra on a Mountain

On 11th January 2024, Carole Roxburgh and Sukhdev Hanzra from Carbone Clinic UK will embrace the Kilimanjaro challenge to raise funds for the North Wales Cancer Appeal in memory of John and Karen Hall, formerly of Brookhouse Mill, Denbigh. This challenge in memory of John and Karen will carry forward their legacy of support for a cause that deeply matters. These two remarkable individuals were treasured friends of Carole and her family, and also her employers. 

In June 2021 a team from Brookhouse Mill took on the Three Peaks Challenge in memory of John Hall. In support many locals joined for the final peak, Snowdon. Despite illness, Karen's resilience and positivity shone and it was a proud moment for Karen and Carole as they reached everyone at the top to celebrate the success of the team. Karen’s determination on Snowdon inspired this challenge and will drive the training and climb of Kilimanjaro. 

If you would like to support Carole Roxburgh and Sukhdev Hansra please do so by accessing their Just Giving page :

Carole and Sukhdev have scaled new heights.

I am delighted to share the story of their incredible feat, in memory of their dear friends John and Karen Hall of Brookhouse Mill Denbigh.

Climbing Kilimanjaro presented an extraordinary challenge for Carole and Sukhdev. After many months of training in preparation for what lay ahead, the physical requirements, the perseverance, and the determination, and a collaborative spirit are essential. Scaling Kilimanjaro, reaching an elevation of 5,895 meters, requires careful planning, resilience, and a supportive team. The journey was organized by Action Challenge, and brought together a team of 10 participants, including a seasoned mountain leader, and a resolute medic, both, as it happened, hailed from North Wales. Carole was full of admiration for all the support team.

Pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and achieving remarkable feats. They trekked during daylight hours, and darkness, often walking through the night and for 13 hours. They faced extreme temperatures, torrential rain, snow and altitude sickness. But despite these adversities, the unwavering determination of Carole, Sukhdev and the group, kept them focussed and on track.

We are hugely grateful to Carole and Sukhdev, and all those who sponsored and supported them. They have raised an incredible £5,603.

Sharing Shaun Loughran’s Story.

It was a pleasure to meet Shaun and Gary recently and for the handover of the incredible sum of £2,355.89 that they raised for the charity. Shaun who is currently receiving treatment at the Cancer Centre was profuse in his praise for the staff and his treatment there.
Gary regaled us with his account of his ascent of the Himalayas. It was a personal challenge, demanding of body and mind, under extremely challenging weather conditions.
We are all full of admiration for these two men and we are extremely grateful to them for their generous donation.

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Being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2020 and still fighting the fight, Shaun Loughran has had some of his cancer treatment at The North Wales Cancer Centre YGC. A keen Everton fan Shaun initially wanted to raise funds, to show his gratitude and to raise awareness of bowel cancer by joining the Bobby Moore fund. Soon after his surgery he embarked on his challenge by doing Kick-ups every day for a month at varying locations around the country. He has raised a considerable amount of money. He is positive, resilient and incredibly brave. Shaun is an inspiration to everyone and now his great friend Gary Eccleston will be taking on the very different challenge raising funds for The North Wales Cancer Appeal. Gary has travelled to the Himalayas in Nepal and he will be taking on the challenging trek of 3 Base Camps, 3 Peaks and 3 High Passes over 21 days in the Himalayas, starting on Sunday 5th March 2023. Some days he will be trekking for 10-12 hours and at high altitude, where there is less than 50% oxygen at times. We are following his amazing posts and photographs of his expedition on Shaun’s Facebook page and we are incredibly grateful to them both and all their supporters for their fantastic fundraising achievements for The North Wales Cancer Appeal.

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To donate please visit Gary Ecclestons Justgiving page

Donations can also be made here

Jack Edwards

On 29th April Jack completed a 100km run from Prestatyn to Bangor. The route followed the North Wales Coastal path and took in some beautiful scenery. With a 62 mile challenge ahead of him Jack decided to raise some money in memory of his Mum. Michaella as 34 years old when she lost her life to breast cancer in 2005. Jack was 11 at the time and his sister Kaleigh was 14. Michaella received her care at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre and Jack wanted to give something in return for the wonderful care she received.

With family, friends and his many supporters Jack soon raised an incredible amount, the final figure approaching £5000.

The family were keen to know where their money would go, and we were able to assure them that every penny donated will directly benefit patients and staff at the Cancer Treatment Centre.

Well done to Jack for completing that daunting distance in 13 hours 26 minutes and 55 seconds. We are truly grateful to him and his supporters for choosing the North Wales Cancer Appeal.

A big thank you to you all.

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Congratulations to our successful runners for completing the London Marathon 2023

Wonderful news and well done to them all:-

Our 3 Gold Bond places were taken by Jac Glover who achieved a personal best of 3hrs 47mins 28secs

Caroline Usborne who made an impressive 4hrs 27mins 40secs

Daniel Grugel who completed it in 4hrs 28mins 50 secs

Our commiserations to Donna Maiden who sadly had to pull out due to injury.

Teri Clayton who ran under a ballot place completed the course in 4hr 28mins 50 secs.

We are so grateful to their commitment and tenacity and thank them all for their superb fundraising efforts.

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  • Dr Caroline Usborne with the current NWCA committee

Jac’s “Movember”.

Following Jac’s “Movember” blog on Instagram, which was a very enlightening and honest account of his treatment journey, we are immensely grateful to him and all his faithful followers for the very impressive amount raised. Their support and Jac’s efforts to raise funds for a coffee machine at the Cancer Treatment Centre has resulted in a grand total of £4,881. Many thanks to all for this incredible amount.

Jac is still raising money for The North Wales Cancer Appeal. He is running the London Marathon on April 24th. His Just Giving page remains active - if you wanted to sponsor him please go to www.justgiving/campaign/nwca Jac Glover

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London Mall mid a london MarathonNorth Wales Cancer Appeal 2023 London Marathon

These people were successful in gaining one of our Gold Bond places to run the London Marathon this year. They are taking on this tough challenge to raise funds for The North Wales Cancer Appeal, which supports the Cancer Treatment Centre at YGC.
Dr Caroline Usbourne consultant in Palliative Medicine and Clinical Director of Cancer Services at YGC. Caroline has worked for the trust for many years and wants to do more for those affected by cancer.
Daniel Grugel is an Eye Care digitisation Architect within the Trust. He is motivated to run the marathon in recognition of the exceptional care his wife received at the North Wales Cancer Centre.
Jac Glover who is employed at Qioptic in St Asaph is hugely grateful for the care he received at Glan Clwyd CTC. He has already raised a considerable amount of money towards the purchase of a coffee machine for Heulwen Day unit.
Donna Maiden, Donna is a keen runner and a member of the Welsh Athletic Association, she has raised funds in the past for cancer services in North Wales.
Teri Clayton received her place through the ballot and is keen to raise funds for the NWCA.

We hope that training is going well for this year’s successful applicants.
We will be watching the big screen on 24th April and willing them on to achieve their challenge. We are truly grateful to them.
Their fundraising will benefit those who require treatment and care at the Cancer Centre. Running the London Marathon is a truly memorable and enjoyable experience and we wish them all the very best of luck.

If you would like to donate please do so via NWCA Just Giving Page

Donations can also be made here

The NWCA holds 5 Gold Bond places to run the London marathon for 2024. Applications for 2024 will be invited later this year so keep your eyes on this website.

Kate Waterhouse, Waterhouse Flowers - Holywell

It was lovely to meet Kate when she approached us regarding her plans to raise money for the NWCA. This gesture was in memory of her dear friends, the late John and Karen Hall of Brookhouse Mill, Denbigh.
Kate organised 2 pre-Christmas wreath making sessions at her florist shop in Holywell.

In total 37 people took part and 100% of the fee was donated to the charity. Kate sold candles, organised a raffle and provided refreshments. In total £740 was donated to the charity.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Kate and her friends Lisa and Carolina for organising such a successful event.

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Radiotherapy department.

At the beginning of 2021 we were approached by a radiotherapist from YGC. He outlined the need for those patients with prostate or uterine cancer to have a comfortably full bladder prior to their CT radiotherapy planning scan. The planning scan defines the area that will be directly targeted for the precise radiotherapy treatment. To prepare for the scan, the patients were given a paper cup and asked to drink 500mls of water prior to the procedure. As there were no markings on the cups, the staff soon found they had to oversee these measurements for accuracy. Often too little water was drunk, as patients were chatting by the water fountain and not taking note of the volume they had consumed. As a consequence, many had gone in for the scan having not drunk the required amount and the scan had to be delayed and re-scanned with valuable time wasted. Also there was a high volume of paper cups requiring recycling.

We set about researching the types of plastic bottle, with markings, available on the market. The committee members of the NWCA felt they wanted to assist, not only would the patients benefit but also the staff. Our initial order for 500 bottles was supplied to the Radiotherapy dept in July 2021.

We have since received very positive feedback from the staff: Patients can gauge exactly how much they have consumed, there is no longer the need for staff to oversee the preparation and valuable time can be utilised elsewhere. Having markings on the bottles meant all patients consumed the required amount pre-scan. Patients were grateful to have their own drinking vessel. Additionally the bottle could be used for each of their radiotherapy treatment sessions, ranging from 20-33 treatment visits.

Each bottle was wrapped with our logo and colours. We attached a small leaflet with each one outlining our work, our website and contact details. We have received recognition and donations from grateful patients. The initial 500 bottles have been used, and staff and patients alike were full of praise. We have subsequently agreed to re-supply the department and have secured a second order for 1000 bottles.

Pat Evans, Radiotherapy departmental manager commented.

“ I am most grateful that the NWCA has taken the time to listen to our issues and they have worked closely with us to find a solution. There are benefits to be seen from every angle - patient compliance and drinking protocols, more efficient use of radiotherapy resources, more environmentally friendly with less paper and plastic waste, reduced infection control risks and the reduced guesswork with the volume of water.
The added bonus that the bottles have been supplied by a cancer charity with their logo represented has highlighted the great work the charity does and patients can see, even in small ways, how the charity helps.”

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Jac Glover

Jac Glover loves his outdoor pursuits and was a super-fit 29 year old. A keen footballer, playing for his local team, he enjoyed hiking, running, travelling and, in 2018 he ran the London Marathon.

Initially on discovering a lump on his collarbone, he thought it was a reaction to his recent Covid vaccination. So, after finding a lump in his testicles, it came as a complete shock to him to be told that he had Stage 3 testicular cancer. This diagnosis was made in November 2021. He has since endured several rounds of chemotherapy and had surgery, from which he was exhausted. Jac finally completed his treatment in February 2022.
His treatment was split between Ysbyty Gwynedd (Bangor) and Glan Clwyd Hospital. Jac declared that the care in both hospitals was “top notch!” However, Bangor had a really good coffee machine… After speaking to other patients and also their family and friends, he found that complaints about Glan Clwyd’s watery coffee and hot chocolate was a common theme. A milky coffee or a creamy hot chocolate makes all the difference when your mouth tastes metallic from all the drugs being infused into you, he said.
With that in mind, Jac set about raising funds through the North Wales Cancer Appeal. His goal was to raise enough money to purchase a replacement coffee machine for the Heulwen day unit at YGC.

Throughout November, each day, Jac posted his daily informative “Snippets” called Chemo and Coffee, on his Instagram page. These daily blogs catalogued his experiences through his treatment journey. Some of the unpleasant side effects made difficult reading but his wonderful sense of humour shone through. Rhiannon, his girlfriend was by his side every step of the way, and together they made a daily request to his many followers to donate what they could towards his goal. It is a wonderful account which depicts Jac’s strength, determination and sunny side of life.

He wants to share his story to help anyone who may benefit from his experience.
We are truly grateful to Jac, his employers at Qioptic, St Asaph for their generous donation of £1000, and to his many followers who have so kindly helped him raise over £6000.

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Baubles and Warbles at St Sadwrn’s Church Henllan

It was wonderful to finally welcome Baubles and Warbles back to Henllan. This was their 9th year in Henllan and we welcomed so many regular followers, many having been to every concert since the start. St Sadwrn’s church was packed to capacity, every ticket was sold. We were entertained throughout by the superb voices of two sopranos, Lowri and Laura, a baritone Bartholemew and the compère and tenor Anthony, all accompanied by Ann Edwards the pianist. They wowed us with their renditions of popular opera arias, songs from the musicals and some Christmas favourites. All mixed in with a good deal of humour, laughter and audience participation. The audience was captivated when Lowri sung Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro, she conveyed the song’s emotion so clearly. Laura’s voice filled the church when she sang I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair lady. As well as Anthony’s talents as a comedien and dancer his version of A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris De Burgh was truly mesmerising. We were all captivated by Bartholemew’s version of A Christmas Song, Chesnuts roasting by the Fire by Nat King Cole.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening which helped to raise much needed funds, not only for the charity, but also the church.

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Helen Job - a journey through colour

Helen Job is a local artist living in the beautiful foothills of The Vale of Clwyd, near Denbigh.

Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2020. She was so impressed with the support, care and professionalism from the staff at the Cancer Centre, that she, on completing her treatment picked up her paint brush and prepared a series of paintings reflecting her treatment journey. Helen displayed her work at theatre Twm o’r Nant in Denbigh from October to December 2022 and the proceeds of her sales were very kindly donated to the North Wales Cancer Appeal. We are very appreciative of her generous and kind gesture. A total of £2000 was raised and donated to the charity.

“It Happens”

Helen and her partner Rajan also documented her story in the form of a blog. Through diagnosis and treatment, they penned Helen’s day to day experience in a very honest account of the ups and downs, good times and bad. It is a wonderfully written anthology entitled, “It Happens”. Helen and Rajan have had their work printed and bound, as they wanted to share Helen’s experience in the hope that it may benefit others. Some hard copies have been sold, the proceeds of which £247, was generously donated to the NWCA. The book, in flip-page form is also available to read on this website.

Hard copies are available, please contact either:

A big thank you to Helen and Rajan for your fundraising and your generosity.

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Sam Johnson’s 1000 mile Challenge completed on Christmas Day.

On New Year’s Day 2022, Samantha Johnson set herself a goal to run 1000 miles by midnight on 31st December 2022. This, she soon realised was an adventurous and physically taxing challenge, considering she was a non-runner. It amounted to approximately a marathon every 10 days. Sam’s determination and resilience was impressive and she completed her goal on Christmas Day, a week earlier than anticipated. Sam and her brother Simon wanted to raise some money in recognition of the wonderful care Simon received at the North Wales Cancer Centre YGC.

Simon developed throat cancer in January 2021 and he went through a gruelling regime of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

He has since developed further complications and has praised the care he received from the staff. Simon wanted to give something back to the staff and the patients receiving care at the Cancer Centre, so together, and through Sam’s running challenge, they have raised an astonishing £6502:46 for the North Wales Cancer Appeal.

We are truly very grateful to the Johnsons and all those who contributed so generously.

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Sally’s grand total has increased again and we are hugely grateful to her for raising a further £815

Sally’s grand total has increased again and we are hugely grateful to her for raising a further £815, culminating in an astonishing £8,848 in total. Thank you Sally and all your fundraising friends for your fantastic achievement.

A huge thank you to Sally Smart, Iwan Roberts and her Breast Friends who have helped raise an incredible £8,033.62

A huge thank you to Sally Smart, Iwan Roberts and her Breast Friends who have helped raise an incredible £8,033.62 for the North Wales Cancer Appeal.
Back in January, the Prestatyn based award-winning wedding photographer was diagnosed with two aggressive tumours in her breast.

Following a mastectomy in February, the 52-year-old started chemotherapy treatment at the Cancer Centre at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

During Sally’s last chemo treatment she noticed how busy the unit was and thought it would be nice to give something back. She got her Breast Friends together and a plan was hatched to raise money for the North Wales Cancer Appeal, the fund raises money for additional equipment and enhanced services at the Cancer Centre.

Sally and her friends asked Hayley the owner of The Hideaway in Prestatyn if they could hold a day’s fundraising in her bar, and she said yes.

Sally’s partner Iwan Roberts, who is a local farmer, also trekked up Kilimanjaro in aid of the unit too, raising another £1,949.23.

“It really has been an incredible team effort by everyone, and it’s all for a fantastic resource on our doorstep,” said Sally.

“I’d like to thank all the staff at the Cancer Centre as they are the best staff imaginable to look after those unfortunate enough to need their services.”

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All Marathon Runners Complete the Course In Record Time

We are delighted to report that all the runners competing in the TCS London Marathon finished and in personal record times.

Helen Roberts finished in 5 hours and 52 minutes. Helen has raised the amazing total of £4,125

Nesta & Ryan McCluskey finished the course in 3 hours & 16 minutes – a brilliant time and between them have raised to date a total of £5,350

John Roberts – also running his first Marathon finished in 3 hours and 47 minutes and has raised £2,285

Tracey Harris finished in 4 hours and 36 minutes – raising £2,425

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  • 131022-marathon-3

We are hugely grateful to them all for all their efforts and tremendous fundraising totals.

TCS London Marathon 2022 All Places Now Filled

The runners now training and fundraising are:

Helen Roberts from Ruthin
Nesta Mccluskey from Llanymynech /Maelor Hospital Wrexham
Ryan Mccluskey from Llanymynech
Tracey Harris – BCUHB – Wrexham
John Roberts from Llandyrnog

Virgin Money London Marathon 2020 & 2021

Gethin Evans decided not to delay and to run a virtual Marathon in 2020, whilst the others carried their places over to run in London in 2021. On the day the London Marathon should have been held, Gethin ran the 26.2 mile pre-planned and recognised course locally.

Gethin is no novice when it comes to competing in marathons and ultra-marathons. He is always training for his next event and can often be seen running the roads and lanes around his home in St Asaph. In 2019, a close member of his family developed cancer and was treated at the North Wales Cancer Centre. Gethin said that the treatment and care was excellent. With this in mind Gethin wanted to give something back.

He and his mother organised many fundraising events locally and between them they raised an astonishing £4,273.80 for the Charity.

The remaining runners carried on training and eventually got their opportunity to travel to London and run the full course on Sunday 3rd October. They were Paul Hodges, Lucy Morris, Cathryn Beckett, Tim Watson and Janine Butterworth.

Tim and Cathryn chose to run together in ballet tutus and tiaras which made for quite a spectacle, although the London Marathon does attract far more bizarre outfits than this as we know!

To date the combined total raised, including Gethin’s huge virtual marathon effort is over £14,500 and climbing. As the Marathon was late in the year running there are still fundraising events happening in support of the 2021 event.

Applications are now open for the Gold Bond places available for the TCS London Marathon in October 2022 and if you are interested in applying please click on the pdf short cut here to download the Application Form and Terms and Conditions. Any queries please E Mail either

Please note the minimum fundraising required to be accepted for one of these Gold Bond places is £2,000.00 and your application must be received by midnight on the 31st May 2022.

Marathon Application Form PDF English

Marathon Application Form PDF Welsh

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One More Push

The team namely Hari Muppala, Karen McGoona, Gwenan Johnson and Karen Rigby discovered that regular walking, camaraderie & reconnection with nature proved to be a great stress relief especially whilst working in a busy hospital environment during the COVID pandemic.

They regularly participate in long hikes and decided to take on the Welsh 3000 - conquering the 15 mountains in Wales that have a height of 3000 feet or more.
They decided to raise funds for the North Wales Cancer Appeal being a local charity and Gwenan has supported the Charity in the past by running the London Marathon in 2019. Gwenan said “it’s such a great charity to support and I am delighted to say we have raised £1,715.65.

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Gareth Lloyd Wilson from Connahs Quay, known as ‘Wils’ to friends and family, sadly passed away in January 2021 at the age of 40 following a long battle with cancer. Gareth, supported by Wife Ellen and Daughter Annabelle was looked after by a team at The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre in Glan Clwyd whom Ellen said were ‘fantastic’. ‘We could not have asked for more, the team at the Cancer Treatment Centre were always there for Gareth and with their support he never gave up hope’ said Ellen

Ellen and friends and family set about raising money for the Centre and earlier this month announced that the grand total of £7,000 was going to The North Wales Cancer Appeal. Ellen’s Brother, also called Gareth, decided to remember Wils’ love of running and ran 82 miles in a month – raising over £1,800 towards the total.

Lauren Jones who is Wils’ Niece did a sponsored 10,000 ft Sky Dive and raised over £2,000 in memory of her Uncle. Lauren said ‘I chose a skydive as my way to show my gratitude to these amazing people who looked after Uncle Wils as I remember just how proud I was when he raised money for a charity by doing a skydive and to feel just that 10,000 feet closer to him’.

Jonathan Roberts who was Gareth’s Best Man and a long-time friend traditionally shaved his head and had no hair. To raise money Johnny decided to grow his hair rather than the usual head shave. This was remarkably successful raising over £2,200 and giving Jonathan a hair style that he decided to keep once he had seen the results.
Ellen Lloyd Wilson is pictured along with Brother Gareth, Niece Lauren, Johnathan Roberts and staff that looked after Wils outside the Cancer Treatment Centre following the presentation of a cheque for £7,000.00

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  • fundraisers-gareth-wilson
  • staff-gareth-wilson


When Pam Roberts from St Asaph completed treatment at The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre she decided she would like to raise money for the Centre and considered a Summer Afternoon Tea. However Pam thought that with all the uncertainty surrounding Covid and limits on numbers of people meeting she would bake and sell the cakes made with proceeds going to the Charity

So began a number of early morning bakes, the results of which were sold to friends and family, who came back for more. Also Daughter Joanne who works in Denbigh Cutters helped out by selling the cakes to clients in the Salon.

Pam said ‘ I thought it would be a great way to raise some funds for the Centre that helped me and as I enjoy baking it passed away some early mornings when the weather was hot. I am pleased to say that with family and friends and the support of Denbigh Cutters we raised an amazing £330.00’

  • bake-off
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The Three Castles Trial, a Classic car event that took place in September chose The North Wales Cancer appeal as its nominated Charity in 2020. Unfortunately the 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid 19 and the delayed event ran through the most beautiful parts of North Wales over four days at the beginning of September.

As a result of the generosity of the Entrants, the Charity benefitted from a total of £7,437.00 in donations. One kind entrant who could not make the 2021 event but had paid his Entry Fee back in 2020 donated the whole of that fee to the Charity – which was over £2,000.

We are enormously grateful to Ian Crammond and his Committee for choosing the Charity for the 20/21 event and see below some stunning shots from the 2021 event

  • three-castles-car
  • three-castles
  • 261021-three-castles-1-lrg
  • 261021-three-castles-2-lrg


The Brookhouse Mill Three Peaks Challenge raised over £20,500 in Memory of Landlord John Hall. Josh Hall, John’s son said ‘We never thought we would reach this amazing total and on behalf of the Team, my Mum Karen and Sister Emily I would like to thank each and every person who kindly donated to this worthy cause in Memory of my Dad’.


The Brookhouse Mill Three Peaks team has successfully completed their Three Peaks Challenge in less than 24 hours and raised over £16,000 (and counting!) for The North Wales Cancer Appeal.

When John Hall, Landlord of The Brookhouse Mill in Denbigh sadly passed away earlier this year, his Son, Josh Hall decided to lead a team of staff from the Brookhouse Mill on a Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for The North Wales Cancer Appeal. Josh plus Restaurant Manager Ellis Wood, Head Chef Gareth Rogers, Sam Roberts, Liam Roberts and Rob Thomas, thought this would be a fitting tribute to John at the same time raising money for the Charity that supports the North Wales Cancer Centre which looked after John throughout his treatment.

The intrepid team completed the challenge in 22 hours and 45 minutes, reaching the peak of Snowdon at just before 11am on Tuesday 29th June having started up Ben Nevis at 12 Noon the day before.

Josh said ‘Scafell Pike overnight was quite a test as we started late at night and finished at 3.45am, so for the most part we were walking in the dark with just our head torches and GPS for support. We started to climb Snowdon at 8.45am and were so relieved to see the top in sight at the end. We had some great support on the way up Snowdon with my Mum Karen and Sister Emily joining us along with about twenty other supporters either walking with, or meeting us at the top where there we great celebrations!’

Ellis Wood commented ‘The conditions were good but very warm and we were grateful for an endless supply of food and water from our Head Chef Gareth Rogers who also joined us for part of the climb up Ben Nevis. The picture to prove we reached the top of Scafell Pike was tricky as it was dark and there was no one there to take it for us … so rocks and head torches were arranged then a timer and hope for the best!’

Josh Hall added ‘The amount we have raised is phenomenal and we would all like to say a massive thank you to each and every donor and business that assisted and contributed to this very good cause in Memory of my Dad. All the Brookhouse Three Peaks Team live in the Vale of Clwyd and the support from the local community has been outstanding, they have been so generous’.

The team & charity would also like to thank Powlsons Press in Colwyn Bay for the posters, leaflets and small banner, Sionel Llanfairfechan for the T-shirts, Wall Signs Flint for the large banners, G & G Motors Denbigh for servicing the Brookhouse Mill Minibus free of charge and Alun Pierce who paid for the fuel for the whole trip – a big thank you to all.

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  • 050721-ben-nevis-peak
  • 050721-snowdon
  • 050721-team-1

You can still donate to the challenge on:
Virgin Money Giving at
or in the Brookhouse Mill, Denbigh


The Coleshill Lodge Number 7910 based in Flint has donated £500 to the North Wales Cancer Appeal in memory of one of their members Jamie Lloyd-Hughes.

Will Johnson the Lodge Charity Steward said ‘Jamie was a great guy and very well liked in our lodge, but sadly taken away from us too young. It was the great help that the Cancer Treatment Centre offered Jamie that gave him hope when he most needed it. For this reason we wanted to make this small donation as we know the money will be put to good use by supporting the Centre Centre which treats many other like Jamie which in turn gives them hope also.’

  • 050721

In Memory of John Hall
28th /29th June 2021

A team of staff headed by Josh Hall from the Brookhouse Mill in Denbigh has decided to take on the challenge of conquering the Three Peaks in less than 24 hours in Memory of John Hall who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Josh, John’s son ably assisted by Restaurant Manager Ellis Wood and Head Chef Gareth Rogers decided it would be a fitting tribute to John who had always aspired to carry out something similar but as Josh said ‘was always too busy working!

The team including Sam Roberts, Liam Roberts and Rob Thomas, who all work at The Brookhouse will leave after work on Sunday 27th June in the faithful Brookhouse Mill mini bus and commence their ascent of Ben Nevis in the early hours of Monday 28th June. They hope to be conquering Scafell Pike overnight, reaching the peak of Snowdon before 10am on Tuesday 29th June

Josh said ‘Head Chef Gareth will be doing the driving and supplying us with food along the way and we hope to reach the peak of Snowdon by 10am on Tuesday 29th June, or earlier if possible.

Dad mentioned a few times he would like to climb Snowdon but he was always too busy, so the lads here at Brookhouse thought this challenge would be a fitting tribute, whilst also raising money for The North Wales Cancer Appeal which supports The Cancer Centre in Glan Clwyd that looked after him throughout his illness.

My Mum Karen also normally hosts a Ladies Lunch for the Charity every year but because of Covid she has not been able to do this either last or this year, so hopefully this will go some way to also filling that fundraising gap.

We are financing ourselves to carry out the challenge but would appreciate any donation large or small so we can raise a decent amount of money for the Charity.’

  • 090621-team-pic

You can support the team by donating on:
Virgin Money Giving at
or in the Brookhouse Mill and other businesses in Denbigh supporting the challenge.
or go to


The Radiotherapy Department at The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd treats on average 450 prostate cancer patients a year. One of the practical issues faced in their treatment is the need for each patient to drink 500ml of water prior to their Radiotherapy.

When Jonathan Evans, a Radiotherapist in the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, identified how difficult it was to monitor water intake using paper cups and indeed the number of paper cups required, he came up with the idea of issuing each patient with their own personal water bottle. Not only does this cut waste but makes monitoring patient intake easier and reduces the risk of infection.

Jonathan approached the North Wales Cancer Appeal to ask whether they would be willing to donate 500 water bottles to the department for use by this specific patient group. With the added risk of cross infection, Jonathan thought a personal water bottle would be an ideal solution.

Carol Pritchard Jones, Chairman of the North Wales Cancer Appeal set about sourcing a suitable bottle on which contact details for the Charity and the logo could be added.

Pat Evans, Manager of Radiotherapy Services at the Centre said ‘Jonathan’s idea for the patients to receive their own personal bottle was an ideal solution to our problem and we are grateful to The North Wales Cancer Appeal for their kind donation of 500 plastic drinking bottles. Patients have 20 daily visits over a four week period and the bottles are used during very visit.’

Carol Pritchard Jones said ‘ We are delighted to be able to provide the Radiotherapy Department with these bottles and assist with one of the day to day challenges they face. The bottles also provide us with an ideal platform to promote the Charity and the ongoing work we do in conjunction with the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd’.

  • 180221-water-bottle-1
  • 180221-water-bottle-2-sm


The 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon is set to be the biggest marathon ever staged, with an incredible 100,000 runners taking part. How is this possible? Well, the virtual Virgin Money London Marathon is returning this year, with 50,000 places available for runners to take on 26.2 miles from wherever they are in the world, on Sunday 3 October.

On the same day, a record 50,000 people will run the traditional marathon route from Blackheath to The Mall – an increase of more than 7,000 on the previous finishers record. Would you like to be one in 100,000? 

It is certainly going to be the Marathon to get a place on in 2021. Whether this is your first marathon, your 30th marathon, your must do challenge, your dream, your celebration, your remembrance or commemoration … then we have places for you to run for the North Wales Cancer Appeal.

The North Wales Cancer Appeal is a volunteer run Charity that raises money to buy equipment for The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre and since 1991 has raised in excess of £3 million

The ballot for the Marathon was announced on February 8th 2021 for general admission places so if you didn’t get one then we have places available.

You can download the Application form here

Or send an E Mail to and we will send you an application form by return

12 New Observation Units For Enfys Ward


When the Committee of the North Wales Cancer Appeal heard that hard pressed staff on Enfys Ward were having to share observation machines between patients, the Charity decided to help. With only one existing machine shared between a number of rooms, staff conducting regular observations on patients receiving treatment were having to spend time sterilising the shared unit before moving from one patient to another, meaning precious time lost and an increased risk of infection.

The Charity committed funds to purchase 12 new machines that are now installed for sole use in each room. Natalie Griffiths, Ward Sister of Enfys (pictured right) said ‘We are very grateful for a donation such as this which helps us in a practical way on a day to day basis to provide our patients with the highest standard of care and comfort. Any time saved on a busy ward is precious and when some patients are on as much as half hourly observations, the time soon adds up.’

Natalie added ‘We are now hoping to raise enough funds to purchase the same units for a number of other rooms within the Cancer Treatment Centre which also have to share this equipment’.

Pictured is Owen Jones from Wrexham having his obs checked by left - Natalie Standish – Healthcare Support Worker and Ward Sister – Natalie Griffiths.

Wildcat Ukulele Raises £400 for NWCA

Paul Barnard recently received Radiotherapy treatment at The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre and as a thank you decided on a novel idea to raise money for the Charity. Paul builds musical instruments and embarked on a project to build a Ukulele dedicated to the North Wales Cancer Appeal which he then auctioned and the successful bidder donated to the Charity. We are delighted to announce the successful bidder paid £360.00 for the instrument and increased his donation to £400.00 to benefit the Charity.

The pictures of the completed instrument shows a fabulous and truly unique tribute to the work of the Charity and Cancer Treatment Centre. A sincere thank you to both Paul Barnard and Paul Garrud – the successful bidder.


Three Castles Trial 2020


We are delighted to announce that the 2020 Three Castles Trial a Classic Car event that takes place in North Wales from the 2nd to the 5th June 2020 has chosen The North Wales Cancer Appeal as their nominated Charity.

The event takes in the fantastic scenery and hospitality of North Wales and every year a committed and hardy bunch of members and enthusiasts from a number of North Wales based Car Clubs stand out in all weathers to assist in the running of this spectacular event. The Organisers thought it a fitting tribute to the people of North Wales, who play such a large part in the event, that a local Charity supporting The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre be the choice of charity for 2020

We are enormously grateful for the support from The Three Castles Trial and look forward to being a part of this fabulous event on its return to North Wales. Some of our main sponsors/donors will be part of the organising crew and out marshalling and we know many people who support the running of the event will be familiar with the fantastic work of the North Wales Cancer Appeal and Centre at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

Thanks again to all the Three Castles organisers and for more information on the 2020 event click here

CLOSING DATE - Virgin Money London Marathon 2020

Closing Date for Applications Extended To 30th November 2019

Virgin Money London Marathon 2020

Applications to run in the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon are now live and if you want to be part of this great event and raise money for The North Wales Cancer Appeal please click here for the offical Application Form and submit before 10th November 2019.

London Marathon Application Form 2020 - click here

Ladies Lunch 2019 Raises £5,000 For NWCA

Now a regular annual event the Ladies Lunch kindly hosted by Karen & John Hall of the Brookhouse Mill in Denbigh, this year attracted over 170 guests. Saturday 17th August 2019 fortunately turned out dry and sunny and the marquee sited courtesy of Philip and Rachel Hughes at Brookhouse Farm provided the perfect venue for a fabulous Canape and Prosecco Reception, followed by a beautiful buffet lunch.

The Charity’s very generous supporters and sponsors provided over 30 Raffle and Auction prizes from Afternoon Teas, Spa Days and works of art to designer handbags and baskets of beauty products. It seemed that very few went home empty handed!
After record Raffle Ticket Sales and some very enthusiastic bidding in the Auction, as a result of Karen & John’s generosity the event raised £5,000 for the charity which to date is a record amount.

Thanks go to all our generous donors and sponsors and the wonderful duo called Keenan who entertained us all throughout lunch and then donated their services again as an Auction Lot – Thanks to you all …..


Meirion Davies Pink Silage Wrap AppealSkyBall Raises over £26,000

Staff at Meirion Davies Agricultural Merchants in Denbigh came up with a novel idea of raising money for the charity. As silage wrap is one of the more popular and fast selling products at this time of year, the staff decided to ask their supplier Crop Packaging Systems of Wexford to supply them with a stock of bright pink wrap.

They came up with the bright idea that for every customer who purchased the unusual coloured wrap, Meirion Davies & Co donated the profit to the Charity and then matched it again – meaning by the end of the sales the grand total of £800.00 was raised.

posterThe staff and North Wales Cancer Appeal would like to thank every customer for their generous contribution, and to the Archdale family for sharing photographs of their pink bale wrap.
Also thanks to Meirion Davies Agricultural Merchants Limited for their valuable contribution to the fundraising effort. The Vale of Clwyd is truly ‘in the pink’ this Autumn …

Honeywell Employees Do It Again!


Tracey Ham, an employee of Honeywell St Asaph recently celebrated her 50th Birthday along with her brother Jim Morris, with a Party for family and friends at the Nant Hall, Prestatyn.

Tracey arranged for a Charity Envelope fill – everyone put £5 in an envelope and then one was drawn out. The idea was the winner received half the proceeds and half went to Charity. However, on the night the winners – Pete Bradley and Donna Dagne – both Honeywell employees, donated their winnings back to the Charity.

We are therefore thrilled to report a total of £230 has been donated to the North Wales Cancer Appeal.

Thanks to Tracey and Jim, the Honeywell staff and of course the winners for their wonderful gesture.

Volunteer Secretary Vacancy

Marathon Runners

The North Wales Cancer Appeal Requires a Volunteer Secretary to assist with our increased workload. Are you computer literate and have any spare time to help us?

SkyBall Raises over £26,000

SkyBall Raises over £26,000

On April 6th a group of friends organised and hosted a very splendid ball at Wigfair Hall in Cefn. One of the group was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2018 and as a result of her superb treatment and care at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre the group wanted to raise some funds to show their gratitude.

Kate herself was treated with the radiotherapy machine that this charity purchased in 2015. Along her journey she enthused about the world class care by talented and caring staff at the Cancer Centre.

The group has worked tirelessly over many months to make the James Bond themed SKYBALL an evening full of fun and a tremendous fundraising success. Many people gave their time, contributing in many ways and numerous local companies contributed so generously. The Auction of Promises alone made £16,000. There were some very impressive and tempting experiences on offer. We are hugely grateful to you all.

We, the members of the NWCA committee, want to relate our sincere and huge gratitude to the girls on the organising committee, Kate, Teri, Charlotte, Leanne, Erin, Lynsey, and Cathy and to everyone who bought tickets and gave so generously throughout the night. A cheque for a huge £ 26,215.00 will soon be handed over to the charity.

We would also like to thank Nathan Roberts the photographer for the evening who supplied the wonderful pictures exhibited here on the charity web site. Nathan supplied his services for free and is selling pictures from the event which can be viewed here with all proceeds from the photo sales going directly to the SKYBALL fundraising total.


Marathon Runners Raise £22,000 for the Charity

Marathon Runners

All 6 Gold Bond Runners have exceeded their £2,000 target and raised a combine total of over £22,000 for the North Wales Cancer Appeal. All runners finished and an additional £4,740.75 from independent runners in the London and Manchester Marathon, Anthony Parvin and Sam Herd brings our grand total raised to over £26,500. Thanks to all the runners for their huge and much appreciated effort.

The runners and their reasons for taking on the Marathon are as follows:

Dr Graham Ormondroyd

posterDr. Graham Ormondroyd is Head of Materials Research at the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University. Graham is celebrating his 40th Birthday in 2019 and decided that instead of – in his words ‘holding a gratuitous party’ he would spend the entire year raising money for Charity. Graham has set himself a goal of £10,000 in total – a huge challenge!

Graham said ‘They say that one in two people will be affected by cancer and this means that out of my friends and family in North Wales, many may well need the services of The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre. If I can make a difference by ‘paying it forward’ then that is what I feel I should do. I have a desire to help make a difference in the local community’.

To donate to Graham’s fund go to

Trish Thompson

posterTrish was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015 and treated at Wrexham Maelor and the Cancer Treatment Centre at Glan Clwyd. Trish completed the 2010 and 2011 London Marathon and says she wouldn't class herself as a runner but loves a challenge. When she received an ‘all clear’ diagnosis in August 2018, Trish decided she would relish the challenge of running the Marathon again and said ‘there is no other Charity I would run for now and am delighted to have been chose to run for The North Wales Cancer Appeal’.

Trish is running darts competitions and race nights to assist with her fundraising – if you want to donate to Trish go to

Hywel Roberts

posterHywel’s sister, Hawys Roberts, was the top fundraiser for The North Wales Cancer Appeal in the London Marathon of 2018 and he travelled down to watch her complete the course. Obviously inspired and very driven (just like his sister!) Hywel has gone from completing a ‘Couch to 5k’ programme to run in four Half Marathons through 2018 and now put himself on the line for the big one!

Hywel said ‘I saw all the hard work and dedication Hawys put into not only the training but also the fundraising and I am very competitive and will be doing all I can to complete the 2019 course and top her £7,000 total funds raised. As a teacher at Ysgol Dewi Sant in Rhyl, I have come across so many families affected by this cruel disease and having also lost my Uncle and Grandad to cancer, would like to do something to help’.

To donate to Hywel’s fund go to

Gwenan Johnson

posterGwenan joined Denbigh Harriers Running Club two years ago and has advanced from a 5k park run to completing three half marathons and a local full marathon in 2017. Now looking to step up to another level, Gwenan and a few of her running friends have managed to secure places via various routes in the 2019 London Marathon.

Gwenan works in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and has lost dear relatives to cancer, also a keen supporter of the North Wales Cancer Appeal, Gwenan said ‘ I attended a Ladies Lunch in the Summer and learnt how the Charity allocates its’ funds towards equipment and local patient care and wanted to add to this fund. My daughter has promised to help me organise monthly walks locally and evenings to fund raise for my target total whilst I out in the miles of training!’.

To donate to Gwenan’s fund go to

Emma Stephens

posterEmma’s best friend was treated at The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre for breast cancer a few years ago and Emma witnessed personally the way patients and relatives rely on the service the Centre offers week in week out to the people of North Wales.

Emma said ‘The valuable support the Appeal provides to the staff and patients at The Cancer Treatment Centre is amazing and supports the care provided. My friend’s personal recommendation meant a lot and will be training and raising funds through organising events and raffles to support the final target total’.

To donate to Emma’s fund go to

Holly Hulson

posterHolly has had first-hand experience of the devastating effects of cancer through family losses and also works as an acute dietitian supporting cancer patients with maintaining their nutritional status throughout their cancer diagnosis. Therefore, she has experienced the effect fantastic cancer care can have on people’s cancer journeys.

Holly said “I’m excited to raise money for North Wales Cancer Appeal to help continue the fantastic treatment available for people suffering with cancer”. Holly is new to running but is excited for the challenge of training for a marathon, alongside raising as much money as possible for NWCA (+ planning her wedding a few weeks after the marathon!).

Holly plans to raise funds through her love of food. She plans to arrange bake sales at her local cricket club, set up stalls on local walking routes and other locations throughout Chester and North Wales. She also plans to utilise her dietetic and nutritional skills and knowledge to raise funds in the new year, so if you’re looking for some diet advice in return for a donation, get in touch with her on

To donate to Holly’s marathon fund go to

New Over Bed Tables for Enfys Ward donated by NWCA

posterWhen staff in Enfys Ward in the Cancer Treatment Centre at Glan Clwyd announced that Infection Control had condemned the nearly 20 year old over bed tables used daily by in- patients, the North Wales Cancer Appeal stepped in to help.

With no available funds in the budget for the replacements, the volunteers in the Charity decided to help out with what is a practical and necessary part of Ward life.

Whilst the Charity is generally fundraising for large capital projects, such as the Linac Radiotherapy donation of over £900k in 2016, NWCA also likes to assist from time to time with smaller projects that assist with patient wellbeing and comfort. The new tables are now installed and in full use. Adele Roberts, Ward Sister said ‘ The tables are so much lighter and easier to mover and clean, patients and staff find them easier to work with and we are so pleased the Charity was able to fund them’.

Pictured below are Enfys Ward Sister Adele Roberts and some of her staff one of the new tables on the Enfys Ward

Baubles & Warbles & Only Boys Aloud A Sell Out Success

posterThe much-anticipated return of the London Opera Quartet (now more commonly know as ‘Baubles & Warbles’) brought an enthusiastic audience of more than 400 people to St Asaph Cathedral on Friday 15th February.

Anthony Harris, the Barbles & Warbles Compere and Tenor provided us with his take on the evening’s events. Anthony said……

‘It was a privilege for Baubles & Warbles to return to North Wales and host the concert with Only Boy's Aloud and as the audience poured in and filled the majestic and spacious St. Asaph Cathedral to capacity, we knew we were in for a good night! We always like to add the 'personal touch' to our events and beginning the evening with The Flying Pickets 'Only You' reminded us of our visit a few years ago when we performed this well-loved piece at the marriage of Henllan-born, Soprano Lowri Hazzard.

The audience were quick to join in with the usual 'Ding Dong' yelling as we moved through our repertoire of classical choral songs featuring Karl Jenkins' 'Ave Verum' and Billy Joel's 'And so it Goes'. We moved aside for Only Boy's Aloud to take the floor after delivering a lively and roof-raising duet entitled Tenor & Baritone, aptly between Tenor, Anthony Harris and Bass Baritone Piran Legg who took to the floor Strictly Come Dancing style!

During rehearsals that Friday afternoon, our ears received an inkling as to what the audience were to receive when Only Boy's Aloud brought their voices together and the night came up to and exceeded expectations. Again and again, this inspiring and vocally brilliant choir sang their hearts out to much accolade from the audience and indeed Baubles & Warbles. What a joy it was for us to share the stage with them all!

We welcomed the audience back for the second half of the concert with a rousing rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' written by the famed Freddie Mercury before sailing through some audience participation as we brought some familiar songs to the ears of the listeners. Baubles & Warbles rounded of our second half appearance with an adaption of 'Hey Jude' - now to be sung 'Hey Rhydian!' What a great audience as always in North Wales!‘

Caerwys FC Raise Nearly £900 Over Christmas & New Year For NWCA

Caerwys FC Raise Nearly £900 Over Christmas & New Year For NWCAThe hardy and brave souls who turn out every Boxing Day, whatever the weather, in Caerwys to play a Charity Football Match in fancy dress, this year excelled themselves and over the Festive Period raised nearly £1,800, half of which was donated to The North Wales Cancer Appeal.

Other events such as a Dog Walk Treasure Hunt, Killer Pool, Quiz Night and an Auction of Promises all contributed towards the fantastic contribution this group of local people make to our Charity and St Kentigern’s every year.

Our huger appreciation goes out to Arwel Davies and his team who work tirelessly
both before, during and after the Christmas period to make this event an annual success raising much needed funds for both these worthy local charities.

We thank you all!

Marathon Runner All Day Cycle Fundraiser

Holly Hulson decided to ‘get on her bike’ literally to get her Marathon Fundraising endeavours underway. The nutritionist and fitness fanatic from Chester set up a couple of spinning bikes in the foyer at Sainsburys Rhyl on Saturday 2nd February and cycled non stop from 9am to 5pm to advance her fundraising total.

Assisted during various times of the day by friends, relatives and at one point the family pet dog … thanks to the generosity of local people visiting Sainsburys for their Saturday groceries Holly managed to raise over £776.00!

Thanks go to those members of the public who donated and the staff and management at Sainsburys Rhyl who made this fundraiser possible. Also to Saints of Meliden who provided the two bikes – well done and thanks to all!

Holly now has to turn her attentions to the Marathon training after riding a bike non stop for 8 hours.